Working with children and their families has been a life long passion of mine as those early formative years 

years are crucial to children developing and living their lives to their full potential. 


My work in this area has historically been within the health and child protection settings as a clinical social worker.  However, it has been an exciting move for me to explore how early education contributes to providing a rich foundation of interests, learning and nurturing that will set children up to succeed as they grow. 



My philosophy is to provide children with all the essential skills, knowledge and resilience to be able to live a fulfilling life - socially, emotionally, physically and academically.  I believe to achieve this it is essential to create strong relationships with parents, as good communication enables children to flourish within a safe and trusting space created by all the adults entrusted with their childcare.  

I also believe it is essential to provide a nurturing early learning environment, which also has the ability to capture a child's imagination and stimulate a sense of wonder and discovery.  We aim to create an environment whereby children can take safe and sensible risks, whilst they are encouraged to challenge their skills as they embark on a journey of resilience.  I strive to incorporate all these threads into my teaching methods and provide interactive learning experiences for the children to enjoy.  



I believe that all children regardless of whom they are and where they come from are empowered with the capacity to learn and develop their true potential. This occurs when they are nurtured, guided and supported by adults who generally care for them.  Every child is a unique and special individual.  Children deserve to be valued, respected and affirmed, which includes both their family, community and the culture that they belong to.  Every child is entitled to an inclusive learning experience and the opportunity provided by the adults in the centre  - whether through the child's own voice - initiated involvement or through the guidance of an adult.  I believe that children learn best in an environment of care and safety , where they are encouraged and challenged to take risks at their comfort level.  An environment where children experience a consistent responsive and reciprocal relationship with the adults around them.  An environment where both teachers and parents forge a partnership, a commitment to work together facilitating children in their holisitic development and learning whilst in daycare.


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Saima has been working at Hedgehog House for approximately 2 years.  She is passionate about working with our under 2s and has years of experience working with preschoolers.  Saima Early Education Teacher Assistant and loves what she does - everyday being new and interesting.


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