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Nutrition and Centre Meals


Toast and/or Weetbix are offered between 7.30 - 8.30.


Morning and afternoon tea are offered every day.  Seasonal fruit is an important part of our snacks, but they also include cheese, rice crackers, yoghurt, sandwiches and raw vegetables.  The children will eat the baking they have done in the morning for their afternoon tea.


We offer generous portions so children can eat as much as they need. 


Children always have access to their own drink bottles and bring them to the table when they eat.  We have a water cooler where the children can refill their bottles.

At Hedgehog House we offer unique flexibility around lunch times.  Some children/families choose to bring a lunch box in and others decide to eat the daily lunch provided.  This caters for those parents rushing off to work and also those children who prefer food from home.

Providing a healthy lunch box

We encourage our families to provide healthy choices for their children. Please be aware that due to allergies among the children we are a nut-free centre. This includes all edible nuts.

Healthy options for lunch boxes include:

  • Fruit

  • Vegetables

  • Dairy (cheese, yoghurt, milk) or dairy substitutes

  • Sandwiches or bread rolls or sushi

  • Lean meat and other protein (eg ham, tofu, legumes)

If you're looking for lunch box inspiration...

… great lunch box ideas can be found on these websites:

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